01. Project assistance

Experience, knowledge, flexibility and imagination of our employees in sales and technical support make them your ideal counselors and assistants. PRO-KLIMA is proud of its innovative solutions, project adaptability is our specialty, and we are always available for any planning or design help you might need.

Through an exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience, cooperation with our experts is guaranteed to give you the perfect solution, even for the most demanding problems.


    02. Commissioning

    We support you 

    Connecting sections, installing elements, mounting the device, parameter adjustments and automatic regulation installation and adjustments are all very important to ensure your device works properly. Our employees are professionals educated to install and commission according to all relevant regulations. Contact us to facilitate and ensure efficient, safe and long-lasting usage for your PRO-KLIMA device.


    03. Service and Maintenance

    PRO-KLIMA offers a variety of combinations for service and maintenance. We can help you solve problems and device malfunctions, and our experienced service personnel will travel to any location at any time, fully equipped and ready to help.
    Problems with air handling units are most commonly caused by a lack of suitable maintenance, and a malfunction can cause bigger problems for work processes and other functions taking place in your spaces. This is why we recommend you let our experienced workers take care of maintenance, while the frequency and range of services remain your choice completely.

    All frequently exchanged parts (i.e. filters, v-belts…), as well as bigger elements like fans, motors or exchangers, are all available in our offer, which contains only high quality and original parts.


      04. Controls and Cloud services

      A smart choice

      Our team of electricians, electric engineers and programmers has decades of experience in building, installing and programming control software for air handling units. Weather the issue is planning, wiring, connecting or software adaptation itself - PRO-KLIMA is a smart choice. With a myriad of possibilities for connectability and smart controls including remote access and troubleshooting through Cloud services, we can adapt each unit to fit your specific needs.


      05. How to reach Pro-Klima service

      Please feel free to contact our service staff in Samobor. We look forward to your call or message!

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